BBPOUs can be categorized as below
  Bank Entities  
Private, Public, Foreign, Co-operative, Regional, Rural Banks, Payment Banks and Small Banks
Non-Bank Entities
Biller Aggregators, Payment Service Providers, PPI’s, Retail Payment Outlets etc.
Types of BBPOUs
Customer OU
BBPOUs engaging only with customers

Set of BBPOUs who would only be dealing with acquiring Customers.

  • On-boarding of Agent Institutions and Agents.
  • Providing User Interface/Application to the Agents/Customer.
  • Handling customer complaints.
  • Settlement of funds with biller BBPOU.
Biller OU
BBPOUs acquiring only Billers

Set of BBPOUs who would be on-boarding Billers and sub-billers.

  • On-boarding of billers
  • System and API Integration with the billers.
  • Reconciliation and MIS’s to the billers.
  • Handling settlement related issues.
  • Settlement of funds with the biller.
Both (Customer OU and Biller OU)
BBPOUs managing both customer and Billers

Set of BBPOUs who would be managing both customer as well as a biller

  • These set of BBPOUs will be responsible for both acquiring billers and becoming default BBPOU as well as engaging with customers and on-boarding agent institutions and agents
Roles & Responsiblities
  • Digital and Physical Channels Addition
  • Biller On-boarding
  • Agent Institution On-boarding Agents On-boarding
  • On-board Now with CANVAS!


Settlement of all ON-US transactions as per commercial arrangements
Settlement of OFF-US transactions through BBPCU.

Complaints and Grievance

Handling Customer grievances and disputes for all ON-US & OFF-US Transactions.

Vas & Compliance

VAS (Value Added Services) Providing MIS Reporting and other services to Biller/Agents/Agent Institutions Compliance with service level agreements to provide various services and resolution of grievances as per SLAs and TAT

Fraud & Risk Mechanism

Putting into place a fraud and risk mechanism to ensure that the consumer and the system are not put at a risk.

Pre-requisite for Technical Certification
Following are the pre-requisites for using the BBPS Sandbox environment:

BBPOUs to develop BBPS compatible system as per the BBPS specifications.

Communication will be over HTTPS using NPCINET / Internet.

NPCI will expose the SSL endpoint for communication with BBPCU.

BBPOUs need to give information about their SSL endpoint.

NPCI will provide 2048-bits RSA SSL Certificates to BBPOUs for connecting to the BBPS sandbox. Similarly, BBPOUs need to provide their 2048-bits RSA SSL certificate to NPCI. This is required for SSL communication between a BBPOU and BBPCU.

All messages will be digitally signed using SHA-2 with RSA (RSA 2048-bits key) and BBPOUs need to provide their certificate to NPCI prior to message communication.

BBPOUs are required to share their NPCINET or Public static IP details to enable the connectivity. Similarly, BBPOUs are requested to enable connection at their end for the IP and port details provided by BBPS SPOC.

Technical Certification Process
Sandbox Testing
Necessary testing requirements will be verified at Sandbox test platform.
Comfort Testing
Initial round of testing conducted with participating BBPOU to test and verify the possible structural / logical and compliance.
Technical Certification
On successful completion of comfort testing, BBPOU will be given the schedule for Technical certification.

Process of Becoming a BBPOU

Send application to RBI with necessary documents
Check the required documents

After recieiving authorisation from RBI, fill the Checklist and send your initial details to Bharat Bill Payment System team
Download the Checklist Now

Connect with BBPCU and obtain your on-boarding related documents
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Complete and send all the forms and on-boarding documents
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Get instant access to Bharat BillPay Biller universe after certification process.
Read more about Certification Process
Get final certification and approval as a BBPOU .
Check the Pre-requsites for Authorisation