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ClickPay generates a single URL with automated bill
fetch functionality that can be sent to customers to
initiate bill payments easily.

Live partners

  • PhonePe


  • BHIM


  • MobiKwik


  • Google Pay

    Google Pay

  • RBL MoBank

    RBL MoBank

  • ICICI Bank

    ICICI Bank

  • Paytm



  • Custom notifications

    Billers can initiate custom notifications along with the ClickPay link, via SMS, WhatsApp or email, to prompt customers to complete their bill payments.

  • Smart URLs

    The ClickPay URL, when clicked, retrieves bill details automatically, so customers don't have to worry about making payment errors.

  • Seamless payment journey

    Customers can complete the transaction via any payment platform live on ClickPay.

How to pay bills
via ClickPay?

  • 01

    Click on the ClickPay link starting
    with bbps.io.

  • 02

    Select a payment app to proceed.

  • 03

    Review your bill details on the app.

  • 04

    Approve the transaction on the app to complete the bill payment.

  • 05

    Get instant confirmation of payment.

How it works


ClickPay follows a Biller-initiated
payment collection flow.


Quick and hassle-free
bill payments

No need to remember bill amounts or customer ID

No scope of human errors like incorrect amount input

ClickPay 2.0


Yes, because the NBBL URL shortening service makes all ClickPay links start with bbps.io, making it easier for customers to recognise legitimate bill payment links. This results in customer convenience and eliminates malignant attacks.

In this case, customers will be taken to a webpage which will have a list of all apps supported on ClickPay and will prompt the customers to make bill payments on the browser page of those apps.

All ClickPay-enabled payment apps that are installed on a customer’s phone will be configured to respond to the ClickPay URL. On Android, the operating system identifies the payment app installed on the user’s device and prompts the user to complete the transaction via that app. On iOS, users are redirected to a webpage that lists all the apps live on ClickPay and prompts the user to select their preferred app from the list to complete the transaction.

For bills with a fixed amount configuration, customers cannot edit the payable amount. However, in the case of bills configured for varying billing amounts, customers can edit it.

There are no new or separate costs for ClickPay 2.0. The existing costs continue to be applicable.