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What are the steps to join
as an Operating Unit?

  • 01

    RBI approval

    Obtain approval from the RBI under the PSS Act 2007

  • 02

    Participation letter

    Submit a duly signed participation confirmation letter to the Bharat BillPay Central Unit (BBPCU).

  • 03

    Letter of authorisation

    Submit a letter of authorisation to the BBPCU allowing it to carry out settlements in Bharat BillPay and to debit charges, fees, penalties to its designated account with the RBI.

  • 04

    Billers’ details

    Submit details of all Billers onboarded by the bank.

  • 05

    Association with other OUs

    Advise the BBPCU of the sponsorship and settlement arrangements that the bank may have with other Operating Units.

  • 06

    Application to access Bharat BillPay

    Submit an application letter to access the Bharat BillPay platform.

  • 07

    Sign the agreement

    Sign the participation agreement with the BBPCU.

  • 08

    Go live

    Partnership with the OU will be confirmed only after receiving final authorisation by the RBI.

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