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Year of Publish Date of Publish Source Topic/Headline Link
201717-MAY-17 00:00:00MintCommon service centres in villages to collect utility payments-IT Ministryhttp://bit.ly/2nLv3F1
201728-JUL-17 00:00:00MintNPCI gets RBI nod to operate Bharat Bill Payment Systemhttp://bit.ly/2jBaAy8
201728-JUL-17 00:00:00HinduNPCI receives final nod from RBI to function as Bharat Bill Payment Central Unithttp://bit.ly/2yaz0D1
201701-AUG-17 00:00:00PayTechIndia consolidates bill payment systemhttp://bit.ly/2keNqxa
201702-AUG-17 00:00:00Business StandardWith NPCI"s Bharat Bill Payment System paying bills won"t be a headachehttp://bit.ly/2yTC8qy
201720-AUG-17 00:00:00Economic TimesWhere there is a bill, there is a wayhttp://bit.ly/2jemilj
201709-JAN-17 00:00:00India.comBharat Bill Payment System: All You Need to Know About the Major Boost to Digital Indiahttp://bit.ly/2nH2ecA
201723-NOV-17 00:00:00India.comEconomic Times Modi launches Umang app with Bharat Bill payment Systemhttp://bit.ly/2BO7rBy
201713-FEB-17 00:00:00Business StandardAnytime, anywhere: Paying bills just got easierhttp://bit.ly/2AIACXm
201627-JUL-16 00:00:00Times of IndiaNo more queues, quick bill pay for BHARAT is herehttp://bit.ly/2A67w3i
201630-MAR-16 00:00:00Economic TimesHow Bharat Bill Payment System will benefit youhttp://bit.ly/2z10azK
201614-MAY-16 00:00:00Financial ExpressReserve Bank starts awarding in-principle nod for BBPOUshttp://bit.ly/2z10azK
201616-MAY-16 00:00:00Times of IndiaRBI"s billing system boosts payments coshttp://bit.ly/2BAnSFH
201617-MAY-16 00:00:00Financial ExpressBharat Bill Payment System likely to be launched in Julyhttp://bit.ly/2l0924p
201617-MAY-16 00:00:00Economic Times33 financial entities get nod to join integrated bill payment systemhttp://bit.ly/2AuzF8e
201623-MAY-16 00:00:00MintDe-jargoned: Bharat Bill Payment Systemhttp://bit.ly/2kZWJFd
201601-JUN-16 00:00:00MedianamaInitially only utility bills can be paid through the BBPS; pilot in mid Junehttp://bit.ly/2B1N9rj
201627-JUL-16 00:00:00Economic TimesNPCI starts pilot for Bharat Bill Payment Systemhttp://bit.ly/2kcyWOa
201627-SEP-16 00:00:00MintElectricity, mobile, cooking gas bill payments made easyhttp://bit.ly/2BnwU8S
201626-DEC-16 00:00:00Economic TimesSingle platform to pay all utility bills in rural areashttp://bit.ly/2BnwU8S
201627-DEC-16 00:00:00Tech 2Bharat Bill Payment System to let you pay your utility bills in one placehttp://bit.ly/2nNW36W
201520-OCT-15 00:00:00Economic TimesRBI invites applications for Bharat Bill payment unitshttp://bit.ly/2AJA1oD
201520-OCT-15 00:00:00MoneyControlRBI invites applications for Bharat Bill payment unitshttp://bit.ly/2B8bGeT
201526-OCT-15 00:00:00PagalGuyEntities can apply for Bharat Bill Payment System units: RBIhttp://bit.ly/2A9RHIR
201510-NOV-15 00:00:00Economic Times"Payments Banks" eye utility bill operations, toohttp://bit.ly/2jvy379
201524-NOV-15 00:00:00Business StandardNPCI to act as central unit under Bharat Bill Payment Systemhttp://bit.ly/2BcGjQ6
201524-NOV-15 00:00:00The HinduNPCI gets in-principle nod for bill paymentshttp://bit.ly/2knpcR9
201525-NOV-15 00:00:00IndiaInfolineRBI grants ‘in-principle’ approval to NPCI for Bharat Bill Payment Systemhttp://bit.ly/2BBshZ5
201525-NOV-15 00:00:00The HinduRBI grants ‘Bill payments nod for NPCIhttp://bit.ly/2z1oS3e
201522-APR-15 00:00:00The HinduRBI to focus on bill payment systemshttp://bit.ly/2nRGhYE
201527-AUG-15 00:00:00Money Bhaskarएक ही जगह Pay कर सकेंगे सारे यूटिलिटी बि‍ल, लॉन्‍च होगा भारत बि‍ल पेमेंट सिस्टमhttp://bit.ly/2AL1BSl
201401-MAY-14 00:00:00MintA single platform to pay all your bills?http://bit.ly/2AaON6A
201408-AUG-14 00:00:00Deccan ChronicleReserve Bank of India plans pay bill anywherehttp://bit.ly/2BBzSqv
201408-AUG-14 00:00:00The HinduReserve Bank proposes ‘anytime anywhere’ bill payment systemhttp://bit.ly/2kkDke4
201408-AUG-14 00:00:00Business StandardRBI proposes minimum Rs.100 crore net worth for BBPOUshttp://bit.ly/2AaPm0c
201409-AUG-14 00:00:00MoneyControlBharat Bill Payment System: How can it benefit consumers?http://bit.ly/2C48iir
201409-AUG-14 00:00:00MoneyControlBharat Bill Payment System: How can it benefit consumers?http://bit.ly/2Ba0q1s
201429-NOV-14 00:00:00JagranJoshRBI issued final guidelines for the Bharat Bill Payment Systemhttp://bit.ly/2yf5Ouv
201403-NOV-14 00:00:00MoneyLifeRBI issues final guidelines on Bharat Bill Payment Systemhttp://bit.ly/2z1uKtp
201403-DEC-14 00:00:00MintSingle bill payment platform in two yearshttp://bit.ly/2kmnZJQ
201407-AUG-14 00:00:00Times of IndiaRBI proposes "anytime anywhere" bill payment systemhttp://bit.ly/2B4q4UT
201308-MAY-13 00:00:00The HinduRBI panel moots India Bill Payment Systemhttp://bit.ly/2AsjaJU
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