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Our mission

To improve the standard of education,
increase employment and boost financial
literacy in the country.

Our vision

To work toward empowering women, to
nurture and preserve the environment, and
to create a disaster-resilient society.

Focus areas

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    Education and

    We collaborate with some of India’s leading NGOs to improve education and livelihood among underprivileged and disadvantaged communities of India. We strive to create a safe and holistic environment that ensures inclusivity, improves children’s academic performance, improves the enrolment and retention rate of children in schools and creates sustainable livelihood opportunities for unemployed youth.

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    To protect India’s rich biodiversity, we aim to empower the communities dependent on forests for their sustenance, ensure sustainable and efficient natural resources management, create mitigation parameters for pressing environmental challenges and develop sustainable livelihoods for communities sharing spaces with wildlife to reduce man-animal conflict.

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    We believe in standing by vulnerable communities and government institutions during crisis scenarios. During the unprecedented COVID‑19 pandemic, we supported and contributed to COVID‑relief initiatives in partnership with leading NGOs.


Right from the outset, Bharat BillPay has endeavoured to create social impact programmes in keeping with The Companies Act, 2013. Our partnerships with India’s leading social development organisations, driven by sectoral expertise and innovation, have strengthened our resolve and helped us make lasting impact amongst underprivileged communities across India.

Our programme(s)

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The School
Transformation Project

By Learning Links Foundation
Gadchiroli, Maharashtra

The School Transformation Project aims to nurture the holistic development of children and to transform government schools into 'Smart Schools' through infrastructure improvements, creating engaging learning environments, and enhancing teachers' capabilities.

This involves establishing specialised areas like laboratories, libraries, and ICT-equipped classrooms, improving sanitation and ensuring access to safe drinking water, all with the overarching goal of promoting holistic development of children.

Our partners

Learning Links Foundation

The Learning Links Foundation is a not-for-profit trust established in 2002 with a vision to foster purpose and progress by unlocking lifelong learning. Powered by its vision to inspire true learning from an early age, the foundation offers educational, training, skilling and self-enhancement solutions that create learning links throughout life across all age groups while harnessing knowledge, innovation and technology. LLF has positively impacted over 17.8 million students and 2.2 million teachers across over 52,000 schools.

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