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What are the steps to
partner with Bharat
BillPay as a Biller?

  • 01

    Fill and submit the partner form below and select your
    preferred Biller Operating Unit(s).

  • 02

    Download, print and fill the Biller Consent Form and submit
    it to the Biller Operating Unit(s).

  • 03

    Complete onboarding formalities and sign an agreement with the Biller Operating Unit(s)

  • 04

    After onboarding, the Biller Operating Unit(s) will send a formal approval request on the Biller’s behalf to the Bharat BillPay Central Unit (BBPCU). 

  • 05

    After approval, the BBPCU will issue a unique ID for the Biller.

  • 06

    The Biller’s profile will go live on all physical payment outlets and digital payment channels.

It's that simple.

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