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35+ lakh
physical outlets.

Be where your Customers prefer to pay.

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8+ crore Customers have used Bharat BillPay
for bill payments.

  • Reach your customers easily

    Reach your Customers easily

    Collect via our network of 150+ digital and 35+ lakh physical channels.

  • Optimise the collection process

    Optimise the collection process

    Digitalise your collection process with us.

  • One simple integration

    One simple

    Go live on all Bharat BillPay enabled collection channels.

  • Fast settlements

    Fast settlements

    Collect your dues faster than ever with multiple settlement cycles per day.

  • Trusted platform

    Trusted platform

    Over 1.2 crore unique transactions for 20+ categories are routed via Bharat BillPay per month.

  • Secure system

    Secure system

    Operating at the highest compliance standards, regularly updated by the Bharat BillPay Central Unit.

  • Access rich insights

    Access rich insights

    Discover your Customers' preferred payment channels, modes and other performance insights on the Biller dashboard.

  • Complaints or refund requests?

    Complaints or
    refund requests?

    Get access to a centralised dispute management portal.

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20+ Categories

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70% of the total digital collections for Uttarakhand Power Corp. are powered by Bharat BillPay.

Punjab State Power Corp. expands its digital footprint, 52% collections via Bharat BillPay channels.

21,159 Billers have already joined.



The cost to collect payments with Bharat BillPay is conditional and varies according to the agreement between the Biller Operating Unit and the Biller.

Yes. A Biller Operating Unit may delist a Biller on valid and justifiable grounds like breach of Bharat BillPay system guidelines, an agreement failure between the Biller OU & the Biller or the Biller declaring bankruptcy or indulging in fraudulent practices that compromise or jeopardise the ecosystem. The Biller Operating Unit is expected to send a formal intimation to the Bharat BillPay Central Unit within 30 days of the event necessitating delisting.

Yes. A Biller can change their default Biller Operating Unit for valid reasons after giving a 60 day notice period to the existing default Biller Operating Unit and Customer Operating Unit. On being satisfied with the reasons, the Bharat BillPay Central Unit will carry out the change and advise the system participants.

Bharat BillPay offers up to 4 settlement cycles per day. Note that the exact duration for the settlement depends upon the Operating Unit and varies according to the category.

Billers have to share bill information at regular intervals, work with their Operating Units to resolve complaints and disputes, reconcile the funds remitted by the Operating Units regularly and process refund requests.

Biller Operating Units have to onboard Billers, carry out settlement of funds on behalf of Billers, handle messages and alerts to fetch bills and process payments, and manage complaints and disputes.

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