Who is a Biller?

Billers are the service providers who collect payments from customers and participate in the Bharat BillPay through BBPOU.
The category of billers participating in Bharat BillPay will be specified from time to time.

Types of Billers

When Biller is connected online to respective BBPOU and all the communications between Biller and BBPOU is happening on real-time basis. At the time of fetching the bill, BBPOU will pass the required information to the biller and get the response on real time. BBPOU will confirm the bill payment only after getting confirmation from respective biller.


When the biller is not connected to the BBPOU on real time basis and provides a file of expected bills on regular basis to respective OU. BBPOU will confirm the bill payment on the basis of the bill information dump provided by the respective biller.


When the biller is neither connected to the BBPOU on real time basis nor provides any file. In this scenario, the BBPOU receives all the bill payment requests for that particular biller without any validation.